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Does not state if the Slim Reader/Writer lock can be placed in shared memory (shared segment DLL, shared segment executable, or memory-mapped file) and shared across process boundaries.Does not state if there is any guaranteed sequencing, or that shared access can indefinitely starve exclusive requests, or what.This is due to erroneous attempts to duplicate symbols instead of using a common header file that includes all necessary information." It generates an error of duplicate macro definitions.The sad thing is that the conditionals could work both ways, and it is worth pointing out that the definitions do not need to be different: . Note that the AVIIF_TWOCC flag is not documented in the VS2008 documentation.Note that the absolutely essential calling convention type is not specified! At least the MSDN documentation online is up-to-date. For example, wouldn't it make sense to tell how to free such pages?Note also that the input length is a ULONG, not the expected SIZE_T. Perhaps a hyperlink to what might be the corresponding function, Free User Physical Pages?

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There is also no hyperlink to Allocate User Physical Pages. It would have been nice to have something meaningful in the description of _ATL_VER, such as the following table. A Tip of the Flounder Fin to David Scambler for this information The ASSERT macro is missing an absolutely critical piece of information in its Remarks section: The ASSERT macro will reset the value found by :: Get Last Error to 0 (ERROR_SUCCESS).

Note that if a flag has been made obsolete, the documentation must state "This flag is now obsolete, as of ".

That way, we know we can ignore its existence, instead of wondering why it is not documented and whether or not we should be writing it out.

Does not state if there is any guaranteed sequencing, or that shared accesses can indefinitely starve exclusive requests, or what.

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From inspection of the code: This is a spin lock with no kernel call involved.The _avioldindex_Flags has, in existing files, a flag value 0x00000002 which appears in real files but it is not documented.